La Quinta, California’s Historic La Quinta Country Club

La Quinta Country Club in La Quinta, California has been a part of the surrounding landscape and city since its founding in 1959. This private club is historic and full of charm, clinging tightly to tradition and a rich heritage. Originally owned by the La Quinta Resort, the club was purchased by members in 1977 and became an equity membership club. The golf course Vclubshop was re-designed in 1999, and is rated year-after-year as one the best in the Palm Springs, California area. La Quinta Country Club is one of four courses played each year as part of the Humana Challenge (formerly the Bob Hope Classic).

Country Club Foundations

While the surroundings may suggest a certain level of pretentiousness, residents and guests alike love the friendly and welcoming attitude found at La Quinta Country Club. This warm and open environment is what makes the Club such a roaring success, and has since the doors first opened. This is where many celebrities, businessmen, and politicians all gather together to enjoy sporting, dining, and friendship right alongside everyone else.

The amenities are vast, as you might imagine, with sparkling pools, beautiful tennis courts, and a rolling golf course that calls people from all over the world. The new 37,000 sq. ft. Santa Barbara style clubhouse, which opened in November 2009, sits close to the stunning mountains, adjacent to the famous La Quinta Resort & Club.

Living In The Country Club

As you might imagine, this is one of the most desirable communities in the Palm Springs area. With over five hundred golf course and luxury residential properties at the Club, it is possible for you to be a part of the elegance and warmth at all times, though you may have trouble finding homes for sale. Those who manage to get their hands on one rarely give it up. Still, you do have the possibility, and that leads to a dream.

Why wouldn’t someone want to live here? In Vclubshop addition to the first-class amenities available through the Country Club, there are beautiful surroundings with vast mountain views. The weather is almost always perfect, with little humidity or rain and temperatures that hover around “comfortable.” Everything together makes   the perfect choice for your next home, whether it’s a permanent residence, a second home, or simply a vacation getaway.

Making The Country Club Home

If you do wish to pursue life at La Quinta Country Club, you should speak with a local real estate agent right away. If you’re waiting to see signs in the yards to let you know properties are available, you could be waiting a long time. With properties as desirable as those at Vclubshop the Country Club, they often sell before anyone knows they were even available. Knowledgeable, local real estate agents always know what’s going on in the market and they know when homes become available, and that means you could benefit from the assistance of a good real estate agent if you are determined to call the La Quinta Country Club your home.

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