How Much Would You Buy With $150 Savings If You Quit Smoking Today?

However, a stop smoking reviews site pointed out that the amount might be huge now but by then, the real value of the amount might be smaller. Thus, we have to stick with $150 as our monetary reward to motivate people to quit smoking today. We have to identify what you can buy with $150 to encourage people to stop smoking.

A teacher that visited one of the stop smoking reviews commented that $150 can actually buy at least 5 children’s books. The teacher stressed that it is a sad reality that the number of children who were deprived of reading materials is increasing everyday.

More children are denied the pleasures of reading. The stop smoking reviews administrator reacted by saying that it is better to burn our eyebrows reading excellent books than burning our money with inhaling dangerous cigarettes. Quit smoking today and help thousands of children engage in the habit of reading. Today World Info

Your $150 savings can buy you immortality. Stop smoking reviews pointed out that donating your savings made by quitting smoking today is a wise decision to help you stop smoking. Your name will be etched in the annals of history as one of the millions of people who helped change other people’s lives.

There are millions of people, especially in the Third World countries, who were deprived of any sort of respectable life. Comments from one of the readers in a stop smoking reviews site commented that millions of people would be willing to die to achieve your standards of living. Yet, you are slowly killing yourself because you do not want to quit smoking today. Your $150 can save lives. Donate now and gain prominence with your charitable acts not notoriety with your bad breath and foul smell.

It is a choice between a healthy heart and a damaged one with regard to $150. You damage a healthy heart if you do not quit smoking today and you revive a damaged heart if you quit smoking today. According to several stop smoking reviews articles each cigarette increases the risk of several cardiovascular diseases and complications happening.

One stop smoking reviews site further added that 20 minutes after you quit smoking today, your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease. Four years after you quit, the risk of a heart disease is reduced by 50 percent. So what do you do with your $150 savings if you quit smoking today? A stop smoking reviews reader suggested to accumulate it and in a year you can save enough money to treat your family to a modest vacation. Repair your heart and have a happy one, quit smoking today!

An article in one stop smoking reviews site stated that one of the immediate rewards when you quit smoking today is that food will taste better. Cigarettes destroy our sense of taste. It leaves unhealthy marks in our palate that discourage smokers to eat properly. It distorts our taste buds and we tend to prefer food which is too salty, too acidic, or too sweet.

If you quit smoking today, your $150 savings can buy you treatment for oral problems thus restoring our ability to taste food better. It can also buy you different meal plans that can help restore your health.


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