Happy New Year!

A slice of time in the annals of human history

Just a descript piece of time,

An interval large enough, Yet small,

An expensive piece of time,

What a time!!

New Year the completion of one global revolution

Yet the beginning of another for millennia over and over again

The measure of a change in the formation and destruction

In the progress and retrogress

In the generation and degeneration

In the decay and emergence

In the birth and death of billions and trillions

In the appearance and disappearance

Of matter from and in to nothingness

New Year 3651/4 days gone

Yet another one just began

To measure change that will happen

In another full global revolution

Around our warm, bright and beautiful sun

To give us an accounting of what will not and what will happen

To fill our statistical data of how many died and how happy new year 2023 gif   many born

How many chromosomes fused?

And how many more discarded

How many molecules formed?

And how many more ionized.

With how many photons did we get bombarded?

And with how many neutrinos did we get passed

By how many types of waves were we reached

By how many did we get compressed?

And by what amount and how much did we get stretched.

What quantitative and qualitative change

Caused it, you, us and them

During this past one year term

And how much and what in the one to come

At the end of the New Year and the beginning of another

We shall take a count of all yays, nays and the number


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