Choosing Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is really a term in contradiction. Wicker is not a material, but rather a weave or process for creating the finished product. Wicker furniture can be created from many different materials including, but not limited to, synthetic materials, reeds, bamboo and a variety of grasses.

A short history of wicker furniture according to is as follows:

* 4,000 B.C. – 1,200 B.C. – Egyptian era baskets, chairs, battle shields

* 1,200 B.C. – 400 A. D. – The Iron Age, metal materials used in furniture

* 16th – 17th Century- baby cradles, chairs, influence on Celtic culture

* 1837 – 1901- The Victorian Era – high top wing chairs, influence from Asia

* 1850 – Haywood Wakefield Wicker, companies merge, tables, chairs

* 1860’s – Loom Wicker, invention of the weaving loom for wicker

* 1917 – Synthetic Wicker, chairs

*1980-1990 – Tropical Rattan, rattan hardwoods with wicker weave

* Present day – Contemporary wicker

The wicker furniture weaving process has certainly evolved over the last two hundred years. Today the wicker furniture process is markedly different, and the modern-day contemporary wicker furniture is as well. The contemporary furniture of today has much sleeker lines and the weaving is tighter and less ornate.

The labor-intensive process of weaving by hand has been replaced with machinery that can weave different patterns and designs. Then, attach the woven material to bamboo, rattan or other hardwoods, metal or aluminum frames for the finished product.

The very elaborate high back woven chairs of the Victorian Era have been replaced with simple woven designs. The products that are produced today are easier to clean and maintain and weather well due to the synthetic materials that are used.

This type of furniture is available in many different colors, sizes and shapes. It is available in as a single piece, sets of two, three, four or more pieces to mix and match for the perfect outdoor seating arrangements. It has also become very popular for outdoor patios, backyard pools, and for intimate garden areas. It is very popular in seating conversation sets or outdoor dining sets. Wicker furniture can be used in gardens or  of the year.

Rather than using hardwoods for frames, more modern manufacturing companies use Wicker Dining Sets aluminum frames and weave around them. This makes the furniture more maintenance free and longer lasting than their hardwood counterparts in the outdoors.

Furniture is certainly not the only product used in the wicker weave process. It has long been used for lightweight baskets for hot air balloons, baby carriages, motorcycle side-cars, serving trays, mats and decorations. According to, the largest wicker woven basket in the world is located in Nowy Tomysl, Norway in a garden.

There are many uses of wicker. It is used in making beds, head boards, hampers, dressers, night stands, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, baby cradles and so on. But, it seems, the largest demand is for outdoor wicker furniture. Not only do the materials and weaving materials differ, but so do the costs in purchasing these products.

The best advice for buying wicker furniture is to shop, shop, shop and compare for warranties, the types of materials used and the manufacturing process. Good quality is always better.

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